Bigendian printing issues.

Jim McDonough/Boulder/IBM jmcd at
Mon Oct 30 22:29:50 GMT 2000

Everything else I use with printing seems to work OK...anything in
particular I should do to test this? I've listed all my printers, both
using the Printers folder and by just connecting to the server, details
view, looking at Properties, changing settings.  Seems OK to me...


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Subject:  Bigendian printing issues.

Ok - I just did a quick review of the code and it looks
like it should be ok to me.

The only thing I was worried about was the BUFFER5 relarray
stuff, but checking it uses prs_unistr which assumes little
endian (correctly) so it all should work.

The other fix was for the enumprinterdata "value" string
which also needed to be prs_uint8 on marshall (but not

If you guys could check this I'd be grateful as I think
all the printing code should be endianness correct at
the moment.



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