SAMBA_2_2 'admin users' feature broken

D Davies djdavies at
Mon Oct 30 20:09:44 GMT 2000


Again, using SAMBA_2_2. If I use this on my [slash$]
path = /
admin users = admin

Then in the logfile I see my user 'admin' connecting to the
service as an 'admin' user with "root privelages".  But this
is not reflected in the behaviour.  For example if I use the
Windows Explorer on the Win9X client to create something

g:\New Folder

where g: is mapped to my [slash$] service, then I get access
denied.  Predictably, as I walk the g: filesystem tree using the
Windows Explorer on the client, I cannot create files and
folders anywhere except where I would legally be allowed
to do so if logged in as UNIX user admin.  Of course I can
navigate to g:\home\admin using the Windows Explorer, and
play with files and things there with full control as expected.

I also tried using the global parameter:
admin users = admin

Which has no effect by itself, or in combination with another
admin users record in a given [service] section.  For some
reason, the users process is just not getting elevated

The only way to get around this for me was to create a 'root'
user in the smbpasswd file.  But the whole idea of the admin
users parameter in smb.conf seems to imply that operations
will occur as the superuser?

D Davies

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