Big Endian archtectures

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Oct 30 19:06:42 GMT 2000

Jim McDonough/Boulder/IBM wrote:
> Whoops, I should have copied the list....I'll try to remember what I said.
> I'm running on AIX and PPCLinux, and I can confirm your fears.  I'd offer
> you access to my machines, but they're inside a firewall.
> One specific bug I've run into (so has Greg Dickie on IRIX) is that in the
> Printers admin share, the Unicode strings get byte-swapped, and the result
> is that all the printer names, descriptions, etc. appear as a string of
> blocks.  This patch works around it, but I'm not comfortable with it...
> (See attached file: bigendian.Printersshare.patch)

This isn't a correct fix - but thanks for the pointer.

> I'm trying to get more familiar with the code so I can make a real fix to
> it....

Thanks - I'm also looking at this (it needs fixing before
I can do an alpha1). The DCE code does all the endianness
swapping - so it looks like someone is already swapping the
bytes in this case (and they get swapped again in the prs_uint16()


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