shared libraries for password backends

Mayers, Philip J p.mayers at
Sat Oct 28 09:44:30 GMT 2000

Libtool (gack!) has that thing... libtdl or something?

.so sounds good, much like nsswitch. What kind of interface are you thinking
of between samba and the library? As in, what calls/data will the library
have to provide?


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Funky.  Make sure you break out the dlopen routines into a
separate module so we can re-use it for the other stuff.

Also, I think autoconf lets you have an architecture dependent
directory (libexec I think it's called).  Stuff that is
particular to architectures (i.e .so files) should live there.

It also might be nice to be able to specify which module you want
to use at compile time if you don't have shared library support.


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