shared libraries for password backends

Tim Potter tpot at
Fri Oct 27 23:41:24 GMT 2000

> I'm brainstorming here a little and thought I would throw 
> this one out.  In the past we have talked about using 
> shared libraries for RPC functionality as a means of 
> grouping functions and make smbd more extensible.
> So I'm working on passdb/* stuff and I'm think "Whew!  There
> are a lot of passdb compile options!"  Why not have a parameter
> like
>                  passdb module path = /usr/local/samba/lib/

Funky.  Make sure you break out the dlopen routines into a
separate module so we can re-use it for the other stuff.

Also, I think autoconf lets you have an architecture dependent
directory (libexec I think it's called).  Stuff that is
particular to architectures (i.e .so files) should live there.

It also might be nice to be able to specify which module you want
to use at compile time if you don't have shared library support.


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