Bug in NT-Printer Driver Uploading to samba-2.2.0alpha0?

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Fri Oct 27 13:33:00 GMT 2000

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michael.kappler at primedisc.com wrote:
> Now, when I try to upload the Windows NT printer drivers 
> from the client to the samba server using the "add 
> printer wizard", the copying of the required driver files 
> starts and all the *.dll etc. are copyied to the \\print$\w32x86
> directory. But I get an error message saying "Unable 
> to change to the specified driver. Original settings will 
> be restored" just after all the needed files are copyied 
> to samba.

Are you connectd to the server as a root account?  The 
messages makes me think the connected account did not have 
write access to the ntdrivers.tdb file.

> My Qustion: is this a bug? I think there is something like 
> a "database", where Windows NT server stores the 
> information, which drivers are already installes on it. Is 
> there a comparable file on the samba?


> It looks like after copying the drivers to samba, it 
> tries to register the installed driver in a file, which 
> does not exist on my samba box. It seems, that the 
> "add printer wizard" can not locate which driver files 
> to use for the printer and cancels with an error.

I think you have diagnosed it correctly. See above comments
about possible causes.

Cheers, jerry
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