Samba, SWAT and clients I18N/L10N frame work [Was: SWAT interna...]

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Fri Oct 27 11:36:23 GMT 2000

From: Tim Potter <tpot at>
Subject: Re: Samba, SWAT and clients I18N/L10N frame work  [Was: SWAT interna...]
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 13:54:43 +1100 (EST)

> Hiroshi MIURA writes:
> > Uhmm,
> > 
> > Why does anyone unlike i18n?  :-)
> > Is none of the members interesting in it?
> > 
> > We, Japanese samba developers and users, relly want 
> > a smart localization scheme on Samba and SWAT. 
> > 
> > At least, I want and need it!
> > 
> > Do you have any comment?
> Well I think the gettext() stuff is a great idea.  You've got my
> vote for merging it in, hopefully for 2.2!

I hope so!.

And here is an example of smart localization scheme.

This is not an actual french data (because I don't know french at all).
It contains only message catalogs and
documentation for testing purpose.

* How to test whether message i18n of smbclient, SWAT, etc is working.
1.Untar this archive at the samba/ archive directory. configure script with --with-i18n-swat option.
3.make, and make install, (see l10n/test-fr.def for what will be done).
4.set your web browser's accept-language setting to "fr" (french)
  and execute SWAT. You will see some strings such as title and
  Set Default button are translated to
  "foo(test)", then gettext is working correctly.
  click the "SWAT" link at the top page and you will see the title
  of the page being "swat(8)(test)".
5.set your LANG, LANGUAGE enviroment variable to "fr" and
  run smbclient without any option, then you will see the version
  is translated to "Version 2.2XXX(test)", if gettext is working

As you see, l10n data can be distributed seperately from original samba
archive, and installation is done automatically.

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