Windows 2K plaintext passwords and profiles

Chris Hines c.d.r.hines at
Thu Oct 26 16:15:16 GMT 2000

I have a number of windows 2000 machine which are not in a domain
connecting to a samba server 2.0.7 configured to use plaintext passwords.

The login password is the same as the unix password.

If you net use the samba server the first attempt fails cos the samba
server says the password is invalid and the user is prompted for a

This causes a problem if I try to store the users profile on the samba
server because the systems attempt to connect to upload/download initially

This does not occur if the samba server is running off encrypted passwords
authenicating off an NT server.

Is there any registry changes or samba config options to make this
work without the user needing to type a passwords.

Many thanks for any suggestions.


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