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Thu Oct 26 17:26:32 GMT 2000

I'm looking at code to effectively use the home_dir field (and others) I
prepared in tdbpass.c, I'm looking at code to find where this fields are
retrieved (and convrted from eg. home/%u) to return the correct value!

My idea is to check if the home_dir field is set to a particular value
(USECONF string ?), set by default at user creation, then I should check
for the value set in smb.conf
If instead a valid path is found return it!
If the home_dir field is empty (or set to string NOHOME ?) this means
the user have no home?

I want to apply this way to others fields as well.
What do you think?

I'm thinking also of a new parameter in smb.conf to complety
ovverride/ignore these values!
tdbpass new fields = yes/no ???

Checking where home_dir is resolved however is a bit confusing, I think
it is get from the sam_passwd structure through the lp_home_dir() config
function am I right? Is there any other place where this value is
retrieved indipendently from what apper in the fields of passdb
backends? and for other fields?


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