shared libraries for password backends

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Oct 25 21:42:24 GMT 2000


I'm brainstorming here a little and thought I would throw 
this one out.  In the past we have talked about using 
shared libraries for RPC functionality as a means of 
grouping functions and make smbd more extensible.

So I'm working on passdb/* stuff and I'm think "Whew!  There
are a lot of passdb compile options!"  Why not have a parameter

	passdb module path = /usr/local/samba/lib/


	passdb module path = /usr/local/samba/lib/

and have these things loadable at run time?

This is a little easier way to start down this path since if
a platform does not support shared libraries, we can simply
disable the functionality at compile time and still use
smbpasswd as the default.  However, for those that do, this
gives us a chance to work on *.so issues before attacking 
the RPC libraries.  A good learning experience I think.
Anyone like or explictly hate this idea?

There was some work on this type of thing for OpenLDAP's 
db backend modules.  I'm going to follow up and see what happened
or is happening with that.

Cheers, jerry
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