smbmount and password hashes [was Re: Question on winbind]

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Oct 25 00:24:54 GMT 2000

[Background: Mounting an NT domain user's home directory
from the NT file server upon a shell logon to a Linux
host using winbind modules]

Tim Potter wrote:
> Gerald Carter writes:
> > The problem is that you need the plain text of the
> > password to use smbmount.  Don't have it though.
> >
> > Tim,  (sorry to intrude)
> >
> > Can you think of any way this could cleanly be done?
> I wonder if smbmount could be changed to accept encrypted
> passwords?  Perhaps a base-64 version of it could be passed as an
> argument to mount (like the normal password) and us it in the
> session setup.

Problem is that the only item that's know the plain 
text is pam_winbind.  See notes below.  I think pam_winbind
could (should allow for) calling smbmount as part of the 
session management.

> How about putting some pam support into smbmount?

Wouldn't the mounting of a home directory relate to the 
session control flag for a logon?  I'm no PAM expert but 
I don't see how adding PAM support to smbmount would help.

Cheers, jerry
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