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Zink88 zink88 at
Tue Oct 24 20:24:16 GMT 2000

Hey Jerry :-)

On Tue, 24 Oct 2000 09:44:48   Gerald Carter wrote:
>Hey Zink :-)
>Zink88 wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I just read the winbind paper off the main site. Just a 
>> little confused :-) Is the PAM module required 
>> to authenticate domain users onto a samba share while 
>> generating a dynamic UID/GID for them? I don't need 
>> to update passwords or authenticate for anything besides 
>> samba. Is only the NSS module needed for that. I don't have 
>> PAM on my system and I'd rather not have to install it :-)
>Good question.  IRC winbindd is what generates the uid
>so PAM should not be necessary.  Of course I would recommend
>Trying this out.  Tim Potter and Tridge worked on this
>so if need be I can bug them for an definitive answer.
>Just curious, but what server OS are you running?

Linux 2.4.0-test9

>> Another thing is the smb.log file constantly is reporting 
>> something like "nt_transact_ioctl not implemented". 
>> This normal/ignorable?
>It is for informational purposes.

Obviously, but is it a very bad thing that it's not implemented, or is it just a little bit bad? :-)

>> Finally, the "Printers" icon seems to always appear 
>> in newer development samba versions (not in 2.0.7), 
>> even with "load printers = false". Is there anyway to shut 
>> this off in 2.2/3.0, as it is confusing some of my users.
>The Printers folder will always appear for clients 
>that support MS-RPC (and the SPOOLSS class of 
>printing functions)...namely WinNT/2000.  You can turn
>off the Add Printer Wizard with
>	'show add printer wizard = no'

Didn't work for me (using samba appliance 0.5) Do I need something newer?


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