newbie question on smbfs

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Mon Oct 23 18:31:34 GMT 2000


Yes, theoretically it is possible since Samba makes
connections on particular ports and doesn't behave
like a passive ftp. "Theoretically" because, I didn't
ever try it, but in fact I see nothing standing in the way.
Give us a notice if you'll make it. It sounds interesting.


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Hi all,
I am a newbie to samba and smbfs. Excuse me if i don't make sense.
I want to know the feasiblility of the following thing:
Using ssh to setup a secure tunnel and then using smbfs to mount a share 
through this tunnel.
Does smbfs using a single connection or does it have a data channel and a 
control channel (like ftp).
any info on this will be appreatiated.
Thanks in advance

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