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Georg-HISEE Loibl georg.loibl at
Mon Oct 23 14:23:55 GMT 2000

Thanks for your answer. In the meantime we have figured out, that we forgot to
setup the guest account, mapping was done to user nobody with a negative
uid/gid. Now the failure is fixed.


Betreff:    Re: Excel cannot open files the first time 
Verfasser:  David Collier-Brown <David.Collier-Brown at>
Datum:      23.10.2000 09:07

Georg-HISEE Loibl wrote:
> In the the SAMBA Log there are errors as "inode empty" included:
>  get_share_modes: file with dev 40020001 inode 26183 empty.
> The inode in the file system is existing.

        Is this a perfectly ordinary filesystem? 
        If so, are you getting disk read errors?
        If not, and it it's HSM, it may need tuning. 

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