Two NMBD-related questions.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Oct 19 18:22:56 GMT 2000

Two techie questions:

1) I note that, under Windows/95, the Scope ID field is greyed out if no 
   WINS server is defined.  Does anyone know why MS would have chosen to 
   prevent the use of scope within a broadcast IP LAN environment?  I do 
   not know how much use it would be, but I cannot see any benefit to be
   gained by preventing people from using scope within a LAN.

2) Does anyone know how to extract a binary from a mangled MS Outlook
   Express file?  In the Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit there is a file 
   called WINS.DLL.  This is supposed to be a NetMon parser file.  Take a
   close look, though, and you'll notice that it *appears* to be an
   encoded Outlook Express mail message.  I've tried pulling it into MS
   Word and extracting the DLL that way, but what I get still has  the
   string "Outlook" in it.  Can anyone help with this?

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