Adding ACL support for AIX

Medha Date mdate at
Tue Oct 17 22:39:37 GMT 2000

Scott Prather and I are part of AIX development at IBM.  We'd like to 
add JFS ACL (extended permissions) support to samba.  We'd like to add it to 
the samba 2.2 release, if possible.  Which source files contain the 
current ACL support?  In development.html, there is mention of a 
pluggable backend for ACL support.  Is there any sort of spec for this?
We are going to set up a test environment for samba on AIX and will be able
to test our changes there, among other things, pretty thoroughly there.  
However, we will need help testing to make sure we haven't impacted 
other platforms.
- Medha
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