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David Posth dposth at
Tue Oct 17 17:22:07 GMT 2000

I have RedHat 6.0 at my office to Québec city and I use Samba for share a
application (on win98) create by Objectif Lune (Montréal).This is fonctional
. I'm very happy and I want install this on my office to Montréal and
Toronto but I have different version of Linux-Unix. Montréal have SIO system
5 and Toronto have AIX and a AUX system.

1-Québec have RedHat (this is fonctional with SAMBA)
2-Montréal have SIO system 5
3-Toronto have a AIX and a AUX

Now you known my network configuration ... My question is that WHAT
OPERATING SYSTEM I can install SAMBA ... I can install SAMBA on ALL version
of UNIX and LINUX. And is I can,I can download all version of SAMBA.

Sorry if this information is on the web but I don't found this !!!

David Posth
Network  Support

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