bug in params.c

Osama Abu-Aish osabmt00 at fht-esslingen.de
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Am 15 Oct 2000, um 0:36 Uhr schrieb John M Trostel zum Thema Re: bug in params.c:
Dazu meine Meinung:

The problem is that c is a _signed_ int and in case of an umlaut
a negative value appeares. In my case the 'ü' (the u with two dots
above) was represented by c=-4.

However, I don't see the necessity to scan the services file
for c=0x00 since we get either \n or EOF. c=0x00 should
never be the case. Am I wrong here?

> The original code is looking for EOF and NUL ('\0').  It is looking for
> NUL with the portion of the code (c>0), where it should just be looking as
> (c!
> m I missing something here?  How is eine umlaut written in ASCII
> anyway? It's not in the english references... (c:

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