Archive Search?

Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at
Fri Oct 13 20:51:49 GMT 2000

Ok, time for me to repeat my regular complaint: the Samba mail archives
suck. They suck bad.

Now I can't find a way to search them anymore. This makes the archives
suck worse.

I'm looking for some patches. I have those patches for earlier versions
of Samba and probably could work them into 2.0.7 myself, but I'd like to
find clean versions of those patches for 2.0.7. In the past I found
newer versions of patches easily via the archive searchfeature.

Now what?

I know I'm not much of a contributor to Samba, so maybe I'm not entitled
to expect any sort of useful response to my regular complaints about the
archives. But I thought I'd try one more time... You can find my
previous whining about the archives in the archives, just search^W^W^H^H.

If there is a search feature and I just missed it feel free to flame me,
but do let me know where the search feature is, please.

Thank you,


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