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David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Fri Oct 13 11:26:06 GMT 2000

James Sutherland wrote:
> Are cache hits really that slow in Solaris? :-)

	For big directories, yes.
	A mere 10,000 files/directory will drag Solaris and Linux
	down significantly.  

> Obviously there is some bottleneck here, but are you sure it lies in the
> Samba<->Solaris interactions? 

	No, I think they're almost all on my (Solaris) side of 
	the interface.  Using smbclient get is only slightly 
	slower than using cp.

> The real question, though, is how much slower is extracting the data from
> Solaris's cache as opposed to a Samba cache? Also, how much overhead will
> the cache add to misses - think SparcStation 5 vs 10?

	That's an open question: it's probbaly best discovered
	by observation and then an experiment, by adding a vfs 
	with just a dir cache. (Tim Potter's vfs switch is a
	great help here).

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