samba and ascii file

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Thu Oct 12 21:20:24 GMT 2000

1) You should upgrade.

2) The smbclient utility will do what you want.  Use the "translate"
   command at the command prompt.  (I don't know why the help message says
   that this is for printing--it does what you ). 

   There is no way to know which files are text and which are not, so the
   smbd daemon is not the right place to perform such conversions.  Your
   options are to use smbclient to manually translate the files as you 
   move them, or to use a simple conversion program.  There are a lot of
   them.  I believe that many MS products convert from Unix format to DOS 
   format automatically.

3) The question really doesn't belong on the Samba Tech mailing list.  
   This list is primarily for discussions concerning the deep technical 
   aspects of Samba and the SMB protocol suite.

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[Charset iso-8859-1 unsupported, filtering to ASCII...]
> i my name is stephane laurencelle
> i like to know if there is an option in samba  so that i can transfert a
> file in ascii mode from win98 station to my unix serveur
> who sould receive the file in ascii mode to so that at the end my file is an
> ascii one , i thave tried to find something on the net but until now nothing
> help me 
> can you!
> n.b. the version of samba i'm using is 1.9.16p11 but upgrading is not a
> problem if i have to
> thanks in advance 
> stephane laurencelle

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