question about ACLs in 2.2

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Thu Oct 12 19:48:27 GMT 2000

Are there no plans to support POSIX ACLs in Linux filesystem ?
Of course, it requires patched kernel source, but enables more
NT-like ACLs.


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RSzczesniak at wrote:
> How does ACL support work in 2.2 in general ?
> I'm asking, because standard Linux filesystem doesn't
> have POSIX ACL support.
> I know about kind of modules to perform this, but can
> anybody give me a brief description of this idea ?

                 From a rather quick look at it:
                 The client requests a change in the (NT) acls
                 his interface allows for.  Samba recieves this,
                 plops it into a structure that can represent a
                 superset of NT's acls and passes it to a
                 filesystem-specific module to implement.

                 In the common case, the only things you can change
                 are uwner, grou pand other permissions, as
                 this is all UFS provides.

                 The result is then returned to the client in
                 NT-speak and it updates it's idea of what was changed.

--dave (note the ambiguity in the last sentence: I haven't
                 an NT box to test with these days) c-b
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