Filesystem question

Michael Tokarev mjt at
Thu Oct 12 14:14:17 GMT 2000

Ulf Bertilsson wrote:
> >
> > I've also noticed that simply browsing a directory in explorer
> > causes just about every file in the directory to be opened to
> > look for an icon to display.  Not very nice when you have files
> > stored on tape.  )-:
> >
> > Some sort of fencepost or icon caching system perhaps would be nice.
> I belive it will search for htm/.ini files for that folder as well.
> No matter your tried turn all html crap off.
> This matter for Win98/ME/2k, or maybe all Inet Explorer system.
> May we address this in Samba ?

BTW, but is the OS filesystem cache was introduced for this!?
I see that all unices around me (linux, solaris, sco) have very
intelligent fs cache, that can work far better than samba implementation.
For our site, I see disk access only when the first client accesses
the directory, subcequent accesses takes results from fs cache
(for all other clients also) -- there is no disk activity there.
If samba will have its own cache implementation, then on this system
this actually will _decrease_ performance, will require more additional
resources (notably RAM) and decrease stability.  I recall that kernel
know far more information about filesystem than samba can have, and
kernel knows also available RAM size that can be used for caches,
and it keeps cache only once while samba will keep it in each smbd


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