please fix config.guess for NEC UX/4800 series

Tomoki AONO aono at
Thu Oct 12 05:46:39 GMT 2000

Would replacing config.guess (and config.sub) in source
tree with those in GNU ftp site (and mirrors) also be
nice? It seems this fix is (almost) included in 2000-10-07
version of config.guess in GNU mirror site. (But I don't
know much about autoconf ...)

In <20001012111142.D23578 at>,
oota at wrote:

>> config.guess file in samba-2.2-alpha suite is too old.
>> So, I can't config in resent NEC UX/4800 series.
>> Please fix this patch.
(patch snipped)

Tomoki AONO	(aono at

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