[Fwd: [SLE] Dear Ol' Samba]

Matthew Geddes mgeddes at xavier.sa.edu.au
Wed Oct 11 23:15:44 GMT 2000

Nadeem Hasan wrote:
> Hi,
> This was posted on SuSE List.
> Cheers,
> Nadeem
> Bruce wrote:
> >
> > Hi Y'all,
> > Does anyone know if it is possible to run multiple versions of the
> > smbd daemon (samba/smb) to support multiple Windoze WORKGROUPS from the
> > one machine? Multiple IP address aren't a problem and multiple log files
> > likewise. Multiple smb.conf files can be created and thus smbd will run
> > in its own environment. BUT I can't get multiple workgroup(s) to work/register.
> >
> > The reason is that we have two workgroups - ADMIN and RIFRAF and I need to
> > be able to serve resources to both, ideally from the one machine.
> >
> > Anyone with any ideas???!!
> >
> > Bruce.
> >

Yes. Try looking at the bind interfaces option for smb.conf. It will
allow samba to bind to that interface (you could use IP aliasing if you
only have one physical ethernet card) and only that interface. Simply
run Samba with a different smb.conf each time.

Hope it helps,

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