Working out who is logged on where ...

David Flynn Dave at
Tue Oct 10 20:28:40 GMT 2000

    ive been trying to work out for quite a while now what the best way to
work out who is logged on a computer, given its IP address ... i can get
that into a NetBIOS name easily ... ok that all sounds easy as long as i
have users on NT workstations, then i can just ask the workstation ...
however, most of the workstations are win9x  ... how on earth should i go
about this, the 9x system seems not to implement any such method of querying
the workstation.  as a result, i resorted to hoping that win9x would be kind
and publicise who is logged on via its NetBIOS info ... found using nbtstat
of nmblookup ... thats all been fine and dandy for a while, untill i noticed
that windows does not allways oblige us by putting the user name in the
netbios info ....

has anyone got a better way to do this ? ... are there any functions i can
ask the NT 4 PDC who is logged on workstation X ...

any help is appreciated ..



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