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Anders Thorsen anders at anders-ibm.dyn.dhs.org
Wed Oct 11 00:04:28 GMT 2000

Well, would it not be a good idea to give some life to libsmb instead
of reinventing the wheel?

puh. it took me two hours of reading to get to this mail.... Some day now, I've
got to create some more intelligent filter FAQ question -> /dev/null


> On Tuesday 10 October 2000 20:02, you wrote:
> > You might want to look at http://nicolas.brodu.free.fr/libsmb/
> >
> > If you want to do CIFS/SMB work and you like C++, this project is asking
> > for some help.
> >
> > Samba was originally written in C, and many of us who tinker with it are
> > comfortable working with it that way.
> >
> > Chris -)-----
> Libsmb is only a clientside implementation, I believe what is discussed here 
> also talks about smbd...
> And the current libsmb project is rather dead, we actually need a good 
> implementation of the clientside SMB functionality wrapped up in a nice 
> library (preferably C++ I guess). However, talking about this has happened 
> for about a few weeks now and nothing was decided on this matter (for I can 
> tell).
> Jelmer Feenstra

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