good smb client implementation by using the kernel

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Tue Oct 10 20:12:12 GMT 2000

Jelmer Feenstra wrote:
> I know of smbwrapper, I recall it doesn't work with new libc6's anymore. The
> hooks to enable catching of those calls are removed (on purpose, to make sure
> these kind of dirty tricks can't be done anymore) I believe.

	The tricks are not only non-dirty, they're part of the
	elf specification.

	Two types or interposition are standard in elf, as
	at least one is required for generality in shared
	libraries (as found by the Multicians, back before
	Unix was a gleam in the eye of R&T).

	It is admittedly easier to deal with the security 
	issues by disabling all the code instead of just
	code in setuid binaries, but it's a bad idea.

--dave (who did 3 years with the ABI team, doing nothing
	**except** interposers) c-b
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