good smb client implementation by using the kernel

Urban Widmark urban at
Tue Oct 10 19:07:09 GMT 2000

On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Jelmer Feenstra wrote:

> Hi,
> A friend of mine and I had the following idea, I'm looking for some 
> comments/suggestions on the matter :
> Would it be possible to supply smb browsing/listing/reading/writing by using 
> a sort of userfs (kernelspace) and a daemon taking care of the actual 
> filesystem stuff (userspace). It would allow users to just cd /smb/workgroup 
> ; ls ; cd computer ; ls ; cd share ... etc.
> Can this be done ?

On linux:

smbfs can do (most of) the listing/reading/writing bit.

the browsing should be possible to do with autofs. It is possible to feed
the output of a program to autofs, so a program that searches for
available computers and generates an autofs map from that. Or something.

This has come up before, there is an archive of the autofs mailinglist
somewhere. There should be some more details there.

But this is very linux specific.


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