Whereabouts of ACL modules

John M Trostel jtrostel at connex.com
Tue Oct 10 10:07:41 GMT 2000

---Reply to mail from Marc Jacobsen about Head count

Well.... they aren't there in my downloads of either the HEAD or SAMBA_2_2
branches.  Am I doing something fundamentally wrong here?

I find interesting code in 'include/proto.h' and 'include/rpc_secdes.h'
which lead me, in turn, to 'smbd/posix_acls.c', 'smbd/unix_acls.c', and
'lib/util_seaccess.c'.  But the clear path you described in your reply
doesn't seem to exist in my sources. 

Any updated clues? 

> John,
> I am not sure how much Jeremy is changing the ACL code for release in Samba
> 2.2.0, but when I last saw it, here is how it worked:
> To start with you can look at samba/source/include/acls.h to get an idea of the
> data structures and functions used.
> The source files that are relevant are:

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