Borland C++ Builder RPC timeouts?

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Tue Oct 10 14:30:05 GMT 2000

"Magnus Naeslund(b)" wrote:
> Hello, first off I am not sure if i'm posting this to the right mailinglist,
> but then again, i'm sure you'll flame my ass if i didn't :)

	samba at is perhaps more suitable...

> Problem description: When starting up Borland C++ Builder and your last
> project edited is on a Linux system with samba (only system tested) it's
> about 50-100 times slower to load, and it's about 50-100 times slower to
> build the project aswell.

> I got a bit interested about this and traced the BCB ide when starting.
> Almost everytime i paused the application it's IP(instruction pointer) was
> in functions with names that contained RPC something.
> This is why i think BCB is issuing a RPC call to the server that times out
> (explaining the 5 minute(!) startup times).

	Hmmn: to start disgnosing this, try turning off the
	"NT" smbs:
		nt acl support = no
		nt pipe support = no
		nt smb support = no
		level2 oplocks = no
	and see if the delay changes any: if so it's in
	some of the new, rpc-intensive, code.

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