Filesystem question

Ulf Bertilsson ulf.bertilsson at
Tue Oct 10 13:53:56 GMT 2000

> > Should Samba support this for best possible performance ?
> The performance hit I am observing from these failed lookups 
> is trivial
> compared to other issues inside of the SMBD that I am seeing.

It could be that mine "None Posix platform os"
is having great overhead due to this.
> I have not looked at the code base later than 2.0.6, but 
> there appear to be
> other performance enhancements that should be both easier to 
> do, and yield
> far better results.

Cool, anything that comes to your head first ?
> Also, these files may actually be on some SAMBA shares.

Valid point, but it could be configured my smb.conf as usual.

> Just because they
> did not exist on one directory scan by the client, does not 
> mean that they
> may not exist on a future one.

I see your point, yet when having a "flat filesystem" 
with no Multiuser filesystem information this creates overhead.

Add IDE disk drives, M$'s path messsing around stuff
and you have a wonderful CPU stability tester.

What about a "FAT = Yes" option ?

I guess there's lots of possibilities in VFS layer.

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