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I would be happy to do some 'proof reading etc.' of any documentation.

I would also be happy to test and verify new functionality on the Stratus
VOS platform.

Ron Alexander

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I need to put together a TODO list for volunteers.  I
have 3 - 4 people so far of ranging skills and experience.
What I want to do is to provide a TODO list periodically
and help coordinate efforts.

It would be very helpful if we could pinpoint some items
that need to be done.  Please do not respond with "PDC
support" as this type of answer is to broad and needs to
broken.  For example, these are the kinds of things I'm
looking for.

  o merge (or implement) the following RPC client
    and server calls from TNG to HEAD.  Here's a situation
    where the call would get issued from an NT client for
    testng purposes.

  o document the new xxxx implementation

  o proof read and copy edit xxx documentation

  o test and verify the following
    functionality on platform Y


I would like to break this down into at least
three categories programming, documentation, and
testing.  Each category would be further broken down
by the amount of time needed (large, medium, small)
to complete the task.

I also would like to post some general projects
currently underway that people may be interested
in pursuing.  These may be in the design phase
or implementation.  Doesn't matter.  I think people
willing to volunteer will have an easier time
by grabbing a piece of functionality and exploring
that rather than just diving into 200+ KLOC of code.

Coments, suggestions, and project proposals welcome.

Cheers, jerry
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