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Ron Alexander rcalex at
Tue Oct 10 13:15:11 GMT 2000

Actually I started this, and DCB tested it on one of his SUN boxes. We both
got severe compile errors.

I am not a language lawyer, but everyone I have shown this to says the same
thing, "it's invalid C syntax".

I respectfully submit that the IRIX C compiler has a bug if it requires this
syntax. If that is the case, then the code should be changed to ifdef the
IRIX case since it is the one that is unique.

I can find and forward original e-mail between me and DCB and
samba-technical if needed.

Ron Alexander

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Herb Lewis wrote:
> Modified Files:
>         smb_macros.h
> Log Message:
> removed (void) typecast from SMB_ASSERT
> There was no explaination on why this was done. It definitely
> gives an error not a warning in IRIX without this.

My bad.  I made the change at the request of somone (i'm pretty
sure it was David C-B)  I'll have to get him to jog my memory
what this issue was.

Cheers, jerry
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