Borland C++ Builder RPC timeouts?

Magnus Naeslund(b) mag at
Tue Oct 10 10:42:16 GMT 2000

Hello, first off I am not sure if i'm posting this to the right mailinglist,
but then again, i'm sure you'll flame my ass if i didn't :)
Problem description: When starting up Borland C++ Builder and your last
project edited is on a Linux system with samba (only system tested) it's
about 50-100 times slower to load, and it's about 50-100 times slower to
build the project aswell.
Building it from local disk or (other) windows nt shares is damn fast
compared to our linux samba server.
All other operations seems to be very fast and nice on the samba server, but
not this.
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 doesn't show this kind of slowdown, no where near

I got a bit interested about this and traced the BCB ide when starting.
Almost everytime i paused the application it's IP(instruction pointer) was
in functions with names that contained RPC something.
This is why i think BCB is issuing a RPC call to the server that times out
(explaining the 5 minute(!) startup times).

Does anyone have any ideas of what this could be?
If there is a fix, please tell me.
Can i assist in some way to help solving this, if there is no fix avail?


Magnus Naeslund

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