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Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Mon Oct 9 22:06:49 GMT 2000

You might want to look at http://nicolas.brodu.free.fr/libsmb/

If you want to do CIFS/SMB work and you like C++, this project is asking 
for some help.

Samba was originally written in C, and many of us who tinker with it are 
comfortable working with it that way.

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> > I am against the idea of C++. Why complicate things any more.
> >
> > My primary concern is that the differences in C++ implementations are much
> > greater than C and we already have lots of code to deal with the C
> > differences.
> For me, c++ seems to be more natural ..
> (at least, our *cough* reference implementation is written in c++ ;)
> Samba has quite an amount of "strange" pointer hacks (remalloc array, etc),
> and the latest purify sessions did reveal quite a lot memory leaks.
> IMHO a c++ approach would be at least a bit more save ..
> (but .. I am neither an C++ nor an C guru ;)
> regards,
>     Michael

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