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John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Mon Oct 9 12:20:56 GMT 2000

"Ulf Bertilsson" <ulf.bertilsson at> wrote:

> > > This could be a smb.conf option to fail open/stat for
> > > some list of files.
> > > This could speed up some applications that attempt
> > > to load .DLL files when they open up a file. The
> > > open()s on the .dll files are attempted in the
> > > current directory (Samba share) prior to finding
> > > them elsewhere.

> > We don't want to make policy decisions in Samba like
> > this. This is just the standard Win32 "path search"
> > algorithm at work.
> Should Samba support this for best possible performance ?

The performance hit I am observing from these failed lookups is trivial
compared to other issues inside of the SMBD that I am seeing.

I have not looked at the code base later than 2.0.6, but there appear to be
other performance enhancements that should be both easier to do, and yield
far better results.

Also, these files may actually be on some SAMBA shares.  Just because they
did not exist on one directory scan by the client, does not mean that they
may not exist on a future one.

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