SWAT internatinalization project is working

Hiroshi MIURA miura at samba.gr.jp
Sun Oct 8 07:14:45 GMT 2000


I and Ryo Kawahara who is the members of Samba User Group Japan 
are developing SWAT internationalization(I18N) using GNU gettext library.

What is this feature?
A browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer on client send the 
language negotiation data to the server.
ie.  accept-language: en ja fr ...

So in SWAT-I18N, it use it to decide what language must be send. 
There are language catalogs and documents translated to local languages,
Swat select it and send to client.

The implementation is shown in Samba Japanese edition.
The Japanese edtion release is including japanese document, SWAT i18n and
 some japanese specific charcode support(EUC3, UTF-8).

see ->     http://www.samba.gr.jp/project/samba-ja/index.html.en

Now we are working about the portablity issue and integrating with
Samba-2.2 branch.

For the portability, we tested some implimantation as follows:

1. implemented in Samba-2.0.7-ja-1.0 to ja-1.3.

   this use configure to decide where to install catalog file and
   which method is good whether GNU gettext installed in OS or
   XPG4 catgets installed in the OS or GNU gettext bandled with Samba.

   it is confiured by ./configure --with-swat-i18n 
   and with --with-catgets or --with-included-gettext or none.

2. implemented in Samba-2.0.7-ja-2.0(Now prepare for release)

   Especially, --with-catgets is less portable than --with-included-gettext.
   And there are so many codes handling catgets catalog.

   So We are working only supports the bandled library for portability.

   Now only --with-swat-i18n is needed.

In Samba 2.2, almost of the new feature in ja release except SWAT-I18N 
is adopted.

A integration effort to the Samba 2.2 code is made by mainly Mr. Ryo Kawahara.
We want to merge it to Samba 2.2 release.

any ideas? 


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