bitmaps in srv_lsa_hnd.c

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Sat Oct 7 16:07:47 GMT 2000

Jean Francois Micouleau wrote:
> can someone explain me what the bitmaps are useful 
> for in srv_lsa_hnd.c ?
> I don't get it ;-(

Hmmm....not sure I get it either.  I looked at this before.
What it appears is that the static global var 'bmap' is used
to maintain a pool of policy handles, but these are dynamically
allocated upon demand.  So that doesn't make sense.

The only purpose of bmap that I see is to prevent us 
from allocating more than MAX_OPEN_POLS at any given time 
for an smbd.  If I were to guess, this to prevent a DoS 
attack where a client exhausts the server by opening 
LSA policy handles and never closing them?

Cheers, jerry
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