Samba PDC feature release proposal

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Sat Oct 7 05:13:51 GMT 2000


Given the feedback from everyone, here is the feature
implementation and release proposal I'm throwing out 

See the updated Roadmap at

also for more goodies.

This plan allows us to set given milestones for testing
and release.  This does not mean that features in 
release 2 are not important for a PDC.  This is just 
a means or ordering the implementation so we can 
get a stable release out there as soon as the 
acceptance criteria is met.

Note that I've not included Exchange plugins here.
I think I would consider that to be a separete project
(beyond this scope).

Release 1: 
	* Domain logon support for Windows NT 4.0 SP3+ and
          Windows 2000 clients 
	* User and group enumeration by domain 
	  member services such as assigning users to 
	  NTFS ACLs and share permissions. 
	* Support for the full range of user profile 
	  settings such as valid logon hours, password 
	  expiration, profile location, home directory, etc... 

Release 2: 
	* Participation in Windows NT 4.0 SAM replication 
	  protocols both as a Primary Domain Controller 
	  and as a Backup Domain Controller 

Release 3: 
	* Ability to initiate and maintain Inter-Domain 
	  Trust Relationships in an existing Windows 
 	  NT multi domain network. 

Cheers, jerry
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