SAMBA_2_2 not including 2.0.7 features?

David Lee T.D.Lee at
Fri Oct 6 13:40:45 GMT 2000

I'm no CVS expert, so I may be wrong  But...

I suspect that some aspects of the final 2.0.7 release have not been 
incorporated into the SAMBA_2_2 development branch.
My utmp endeavours made me suspect that "" (etc.) has lost 
some features.
Example: "smbd/quotas.c" also seems slightly behind.  In particular (if I
am not mistaken), a Veritas disclaimer has beem omitted.

But I'm viewing these examples as a symptom of a more important underlying
possible problem.
Is there someone who knows both CVS and Samba development, able to do a
quick check to see whether, indeed, there are any such omissions?  And see
if there is something systematic?  (E.g. changes since a particular beta
of 2.0.7 not rolled into ongoing development?)  And possibly itemise them? 
And possibly advise "the team"?  And advise us, if appropriate? 

(Or, of course, demonstrate me to be mistaken.)


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