error reporting in smbpasswd

Tavis Barr tavis at
Fri Oct 6 09:28:09 GMT 2000

On Tue, 3 Oct 2000, Gerald Carter wrote:

> Tavis,
> Do you have an existing patch against 2.0.7?  I don't think
> smbpasswd shoudl have changed much in 2.2/HEAD.

Well, I just tried compiling 2.0.7 on my production machine (Alpha/DEC 
Unix 4.0F) and discovered that by default it now overrides getpass() with 
getsmbpass() using the flag REPLACE_GETPASS.  So I no longer had the 
getpass() error even when there was a permissions problem with /dev/tty.  
(The version that gave the errors is a 1-year-old+ version of HEAD 
that has enough PDC support to log people on and map unix to NT groups).
That said, I did write up a version of smbpasswd.c that has more robust 
error messages than the old one, and foced off the REPLACE_GETPASS flag 
to make sure it compiled correctly.  I'm attaching a diff here against 
2.0.7; feel free to use it if you like, it's only a few lines of code.

I only tested it against the one place where I was having problems (call 
to getpass() fails) and it reported the error it was supposed to.  There 
are  three other failure points I didn't test: Fail to get passwd from 
stdin; user 0 has no user name (pathological I suppose but it will return 
"you must specify a user name" instead of "out of memory" which seems at 
least a little better); and finally if a non-root user has a UID but no 
username (also pathological but who knows) then it will report the "you 
don't exist go away" message.  Anyway I'm not sure how to test for all 
these situations without making my machine setup really weird.  But if 
you want to give it a shot feel free. :)


< 	} else {
> 		if (!p) {
> 		  fprintf(stderr,"stdin returned null password\n");
> 		  exit(1);
> 		}
> 	} 
> 	else {
> 		if (!p) {
> 		  fprintf(stderr,"call to getpass() returned null password\n");
> 		  exit(1);
> 		}
> 	/* don't need to check for non-null password here because
> 	   get_pass should have already checked for it            */
< 	if (!user_name && (pwd = sys_getpwuid(0))) {
> 	if (!user_name && (pwd = sys_getpwuid(0)) && pwd->pw_name) {
< 		if (pwd) {
> 		if (pwd && pwd->pw_name) {

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