Strange App sends SRV_NETSHAREENUM with info_level == 0

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Oct 6 03:44:21 GMT 2000

Clint Byrum wrote:
> An application we have here tries to get a listing of 
> a machine's shares using the RPC command SRV_NETSHAREENUM. 
> In init_srv_share_info_ctr() with debug level 5, 
> this will produce the message "init_srv_share_info_ctr:
> unsupported switch value 0". Doesn't the application 
> set this value? It seems to correspond to something 
> called info_level... I mucked around in the
> code, but didn't find much about this flag)?
> NT responds to the same query just fine. Which is 
> "broken" here, the app, or samba? Thanks in advance.

The SMB protocol has a nearly infinite combinations 
of flags, bits, and commands with each combination
resulting in different behavior.  Samba only implements
those combinations which are (a) documented, or (b) see
by developers.  

Which brings us to the question, what is the 
application and client platform?  I'm sure Jeremy 
will want a a debug trace for a successful op and 
failed op in order to figure out what is going on.

Cheers, jerry
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