PDC acceptance criteria

Ulf Bertilsson ulf.bertilsson at adcomdata.no
Thu Oct 5 06:34:22 GMT 2000

> To do this with at least as much security as is used in the 
> NT implementation,
> at a minimum you would want rsync/rdist with ssh.  Using NIS or ftp to
> transfer the SAM database across a network should be grounds 
> enough for any
> admin to be shot or fired, as appropriate. :)  LDAP+SSL would 
> be another
> acceptable solution for replication, but neither LDAP+SSL nor 
> rdist+ssh is a
> solution that can be considered a "standard tool" on every 
> platform where
> Samba is used.  To my knowledge, the only system facilities 
> currently required
> to build and run Samba are a Bourne shell (for ./configure), 
> a 'make' command,
> a compiler, and a C library.
> Being able to provide a PDC with replication support that has 
> only these same
> limited requirements would be an admirable achievement, but 
> it's one that's
> not terribly far-fetched.  I think it's worth shooting for.

Should't replication be done by RPC ? 

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