Passdb and smbpasswd (following discussion in TODO list thread)

Tim Potter tpot at
Wed Oct 4 22:36:01 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter writes:

[winbind stuff]

>   for PAMified applications, how hard would it be to 
>   design a TDB used by both Samba and Winbind for
>   storing user UID/RID mappings.

Not very hard at all.  In fact having a plugin type extension can
allow you to do whatever you like as long as you provide a
uid/gid <-> rid mapping function.  Some examples:

	- the existing first come first served system
	- a straight offset based system for those with 32-bit uids
	- ldap backend
	- nis+/sql database
	- anything else you can think of

> I would opt for the TDB solution as we need many
> more user attributes stored than smbpasswd is able 
> to handle.

The smbpassword file is an obvious candidate to be tdb'ified.


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