profiling stats for samba

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Wed Oct 4 17:42:37 GMT 2000

Herb Lewis wrote:
> I would appreciate feedback and suggestions from all.

> struct profile_struct {
>         int prof_shm_magic;
>         int prof_shm_version;
> /* general counters */
>         unsigned smb_count; /* how many SMB packets we have processed */
>         unsigned syscall_read_count;
>         unsigned syscall_read_bytes;    /* bytes read with read syscall */

	If you're able to sample this at regular intervals, and the
	numbers are resettable (to avoid easy rollover), then
	you could extract some meaningfull comparative graphs
	from this data and copilot...

> /* counters for individual SMB types */
>         unsigned SMBmkdir_count;        /* create directory */

	Hmmn: perhaps number and time taken, so as to be able
	to provide an average time-cost in a given sampling period.
	(Much as Jeremy seem to be asking).

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