Link on LinuxPPC fails

Jim McDonough/Boulder/IBM jmcd at
Wed Oct 4 15:21:47 GMT 2000

Using gcc 2.95.2 on LinuxPPC, I get a link failure for smbd in tdbutil.o.
The problem is that the ppc stdarg.h flags anything that isn't a 32-bit
type passed to va_arg() by referencing an undefined symbol.  The message

Linking bin/smbd
tdb/tdbutil.o: In function `tdb_pack':
tdb/tdbutil.o(.text+0x3b0): undefined reference to
tdb/tdbutil.o(.text+0x3b0): relocation truncated to fit: R_PPC_REL24

The following patch fixes it:
(See attached file: tdbpatch)

Everything seems to still work (other than the unicode character problem in
the printers share - I'm working on that).  Can we put this in?


Jim McDonough
Infoprint Manager Development
Linux Technology Center
IBM Boulder

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