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Marc Jacobsen Marc_Jacobsen at
Wed Oct 4 14:19:32 GMT 2000


With Samba 2.2.0 coming out with ACL support, there are lots of possible
projects.  Out of the gate there are modules to support standard UNIX file
permissions and Veritas VxFS POSIX ACLs on HPUX.  There are many things that can
be worked on:

 o Adding modules for Veritas VxFS POSIX ACLs on other UNIXes (trivial/easy)

 o Adding modules for other ACL variants, like HFS ACLs on HPUX (easy/medium)

 o Enhancing modules to support different mappings, like a highest security
mapping, or a very trusting/easy access mapping (easy)

 o Developing a good way to support viewing/changing the "mask" Access Control
Entry from the NT client.  It is called the "class" ACE with Veritas POSIX
ACLs.  All properly coded modules would pick up support for the "mask" ACE for
free - no code changes.  (medium/hard?)

 o Of course all these modules and mappings would require thorough

And that's just a few off the top of my head.  :-)

Thanks for taking the initiative to make/maintain this list, it should be very

-Marc Jacobsen

Gerald Carter wrote:
> [cross posted on all samba mailing lists]
> Folks,
> This is a very rough list of items off the top of
> my head.  It should be considered dynamic and I will
> post periodic updates on progress, new items, etc...
> Please direct all mail regarding this to samba-technical
> and not samba-ntdom nor the main samba mailing list.
> I am posting it on the latter mailing lists to keep
> people in the loop.  However, actual development work
> should be coordinated on samba-technical.
> Documentation work can be coordinated on samba-docs.
> See for information on the
> various mailing lists if you are unfamiliar.
> Enjoy.
> Cheers, jerry
> New project proposals can be voiced on samba-technical.
> Thanks for you help.
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