PDC features II [was Re: PDC acceptance criteria]

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at canada.sun.com
Wed Oct 4 14:20:06 GMT 2000

Stephan Lauffer wrote:
> Hi Jerry,
> >       I am a little more prone to add PDC<->BDC
> >       replication with and NT DC in with this as well.
> >
> >       Here is my reasoning:  People who wish to
> >       replace NT DC's will do it one by one.  This
> >       also handles the migration from an NT PDC to a
> >       Samba PDC (which is a necessary feature).
> In many cases trust are very necessary, too.
> Sometimes there are really big NT Domains with a lot of
> workstation as member in the NT domain. Without trust,
> samba couldn´t take place in the network environment.

	There is a second sense of migration: changing
	over to a Samba from an NT domain.  In this model,
	one extracts information from the NT or Win2k 
	domain or domains, then moves a community of
	users to a Samba server, dropping the NT PDC/BDC/
	new-DC-thingie from service.

	This only requires PDC functionality, but
	it can often require trust relationships. These
	allow other domains to stay NT-based, either
	temporarily or because their politics requires it.

	It's easier than trying to run in parallel,
	but does have a "everything is down for migration" 
	period in the plan.

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