Playing with rpcclient

Ulf Bertilsson ulf.bertilsson at
Wed Oct 4 14:18:33 GMT 2000

> > So, whats the deal with 'rpcclient' ?
> > 
> > I can't find any good documentation.
> > Can I use it to send rpc calls, like "reboot client"
> > Or have I just missunderstood the consept ? ;D
> There's a manual page in the HEAD development branch which has
> been updated recently by Gerald Carter.
> You may want to take a look at the version of rpcclient in the
> TNG branch as it contains more commands than the HEAD version.
> The version in Samba 2.0.7 is almost completely broken.

Humz, this explain the strange error messages I get when testing.
I was hoping this was some rpc tool.

As I.E exchange is based on RPC, LDAP, And X400;
I was thinking of making some try to "talk" to an exchange server.

Maybe to useful stuff to WIntel clients etc.

I'll have a closer look when 2.2.0 is out (and fixed for my platform).


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